Saturday, May 30, 2009

Half way through...

Man, did it rain last week! We had to take to drying work out in the electric kilns...put a layer in, dry it at 200...put another layer in, dry it...and on and on and on...we've fired at least 20 bisques...we will begin loading the wood kiln tomorrow...I'll do my best to keep posting, but we are hoppin' now...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Let the Pastoral begin...

How do, everybody? I'm sitting on the porch at the clay studio here in lovely Penland, having my first cup of coffee and enjoying a little rain. Things will be cranking tomorrow, so we takes it easy today!
Tonight I get to meet Chuck Hindes and Ron Meyers, instructors for the class I'm assisting with my friend Peter Olsen. What a great 2 weeks this will be! Peter is executive director of Seward Park Clay Studio, in Seattle,WA. He knows how to put on a workshop and I'm grateful to be able to work with him!

Let the pastoral begin! High on the mountain, with time to think a little harder about what and why I do doubts, just discoveries...I will be here for 6 amazing weeks. Keep in touch!
PS- Happy Birthday, Bob!:
This is from the writers almanac today:
It's the birthday of the man who just released his 33rd studio album, Together Through Life: Bob Dylan, born Robert Zimmerman in Duluth, Minnesota (1941). He grew up in the declining mining town of Hibbing, Minnesota. He was a quiet kid, raised by Jewish parents, who loved listening to the Grand Ole Opry. But after he heard Little Richard on the radio, he wanted to play rock and roll, so his dad bought him an electric guitar and he formed a rock band at his high school, The Golden Chords. Then he went to the University of Minnesota, and as soon as he got to Minneapolis and heard a record by the folk singer Odetta, he went and traded in his electric guitar for an acoustic one. He said, "A person is a success if they get up in the morning and gets to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do."