Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I've got the recipes for Ron's liner glaze and clay body, so now I can run some color tests and get on with the firing!

Here's some more info for everyone-

Ron's Clay: Cone 04-5 (we tested this in a very fast gas kiln firing and it went to cone 10)

Newman Red: 80 lbs

Red Art: 25 lbs

Fire Clay: 10 lbs

Medium size Grog: 15 lbs

Neph Sy: 2 lbs

Transparent Glaze: cone 04-5

Frit 3124: 80Kaolin: 10

Flint: 10

Bentonite: 2

For Liner add to base 10% Zircopax

Last nite I got the Kiln all cleaned out and started to figure out where everything is going...I'm going to have plenty of room, but it will take some time to fit everything in...Sorry, no pictures this time!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Slipped and drying...

I finished decorating these planters this evening with white slip, a little colored slip, and then carving through to show the dark clay beneath.

I started the last 2 planters that I'll need
for the firing this morning. It was so nice
outside today, they were ready for the rims
this evening and I should have them finished tomorrow!

I even squeezed in a little triming on the
lane coming in from Luciusboro Road.
Seems like time is just flying by and
the Potters Tour is only a month away...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Woodfired Earthenware?

I've finally been in the studio after catching up on the outdoor chores...they say to make hay while the sun shines...so I've been making pots while the moon shines.

I'm almost ready to fire up the wood kiln with an earthenware salt glaze firing! I'll fire somwhere between 1800 to 2000 degrees...I was inspired to try this technique over the summer while helping Ron Meyers with his workshop at Penland. Ron fires a wood kiln down in Georgia to earthenware temps. I think there are some subtle colors that will show up nicely in this temperature range.
During second session at Penland, I worked with Ayumie Horie who also uses earthenware. I loved her clay body and brought some home with me. I've taken to combining Ayumie and Ron Meyers clay together, about half and half, both of which were mixed by Highwater Clays in Asheville, NC, and using this mix to make the large planters shown above. The planters shown above were made using Daniel Johnstons Thai style construction technique. They'll be stacked rim to rim in the kiln. The sizes range from 12 inches in height to 18 inches across the top rims. These are some of the largest pots I've made...
I'm making a few cups and some other functional pieces and hope to test some glazes and slips in this firing. I ought to be ready to fire sometime soon! I am really excited to try something new! It keeps things fresh!

If you're interested in helping or just seeing the wood fire process, just let me know!

Here are a few recipes I'll be using for this firing...Thank you Ayumi
Modified Clay c/02 ---3 o’clock
OM 4 Ball Clay 10
Redart               70
Goldart              20
Frit 3124             3
Barium                0.25
Bent                    2
Kyanite (fine)      5

White Slip c/02
OM4 Ball Clay   36.1
EPK                   18.1
Neph Sy               3.8
Frit 3124            25.8
Zircopax             13.8
Buttercup #6406   1.4
Gray #6572          0.24
I'll post Ron's clay body and liner glaze as soon as I find it...