Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I've got the recipes for Ron's liner glaze and clay body, so now I can run some color tests and get on with the firing!

Here's some more info for everyone-

Ron's Clay: Cone 04-5 (we tested this in a very fast gas kiln firing and it went to cone 10)

Newman Red: 80 lbs

Red Art: 25 lbs

Fire Clay: 10 lbs

Medium size Grog: 15 lbs

Neph Sy: 2 lbs

Transparent Glaze: cone 04-5

Frit 3124: 80Kaolin: 10

Flint: 10

Bentonite: 2

For Liner add to base 10% Zircopax

Last nite I got the Kiln all cleaned out and started to figure out where everything is going...I'm going to have plenty of room, but it will take some time to fit everything in...Sorry, no pictures this time!


andrea said...

I am a HUGE Ron Meyers fan and am just getting back into making pots after a 10 year break (kids)...
I am so looking forward to making the switch to earthenware.... from high fire salt.... I am so Over Joyed to find this recipe so I can make the clay body!!

I will have to try Ayumi's recipe too.. I love her work as well.

Thanks again for all the info. (I live a few blocks from Highwater clay ;o))

floydpots said...

Thanks Andrea! It was really great working wih Ron and Ayumie. I actually combined their claybodies, 75/25 ayumie to ron, for larger wood fired earthen ware pots.