Thursday, January 28, 2010

Martin Brothers pot from Philly

A little friendly advice for these cold winter nights from the Martin Brothers:
I came accross this jug at the Phily Museum last spring, and since there's not much going on in the studio today, I thought I'd share it. Thanks to my friend Jim Harris for providing a placeto crash and touring us about showing us the ropes. Ah, Philly!


Ron said...

Wow that jug is pretty far out huh? Cool fish deco.

Snarling Squirrel said...

Thanks for posting the various images of this impressive jug by the Martin Brothers. I saw this last week, and we were in love. I can only strive for such memorable perfection and joy in my pieces.

floydpots said...

what a great pot...this reminds me it's time for a Philly trip soon...amtrak and all!