Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pots and process

 Somethings up with the ol' cybershot. It looks like I took this pic from a galloping horse.Ugh.
On a lighter note, I have been thinking about my next firing, and I was trying to get it going by early Feb. But alas, I'm not gonna worry about it. When I'm ready, I'm ready.

Process. I like it. Every part of my life is some sort of process, from heating the house and studio with wood (and carting it out of the tundra on an old sled), to making coffee: grinding the beans, boiling the water, plunging the french press...I love the steps.

It took me a while to get started back making work after the Indiana County Potters Tour. It was a process. ha. I spent time in the woods cutting trees and making clay, etc. But I wasn't in the studio. Working none the less, but not making work. Then the holidays came and went, and I could avoid it no longer. With no excuses left, and no weather for trudging around in the woods, it was time to crank up the wood stove, grease the wheel and kick away.

After a week or so of throwing, the pots get better which is something I often forget. By the end of a cycle of pots, when I'm loading the kiln, I'll load in a pot that I've already moved beyond, an idea that came and went, an idea that I worked through or a form that could/should/would be made again, and more successfully. This firing, I'm going to give myself the time to return to those forms.

Keep in touch and I'll do the same.


christyculp said...

I like your comment about loading the pot you've moved beyond. Looks like yourprocess is working out really well right now. Can't wait to see the unloading of that batch of mugs.
Process. Isn't it what our whole life is made of?

floydpots said...

I'm not sure. Some people/artists are looking for a means to an end. For some, it's not about the process or a love of the process.