Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Red Lodge Part 7

We loaded the Soda kiln around 5:30!
Hope to fire off by 4 or 5 tomorrow!
This kiln was built by none other than Matt Long. We'll let you know of the results!

Another gorgeous view from the studio!
We've all heard that Montana could use some more snow, and that the precipitation is down by 50%!
We hope that today helps!

Yes! Glaze those sugar and creamer sets! Everyone is chomping at the bit to
have one! I couldn't fire this Cone 10 Soda without a few glaze tests in the kiln load! The cabin mugs have versions of Weiser White in them. I've noticed that this Weiser White glaze looks like ALOT like Yellow Salt, but it's not so finicky, bubbling up around handles and in the bottoms of pots. So, I mixed tests with RIO, YIO, green nickle carbonate and copper carbonate as colorants.

Aside from glazing for the Soda Kiln, we've all got new pots in the works. These are trays I've been working on... Hope you like them!
Don't worry! We miss you, too!


the fowlers said...

thanks for posting all these pics. i love seeing them. hope you're having a great time up there.

Michael Kline said...

Looking forward to seeing your pots from the kiln! Everything looks great out there. The 'spenders make me think they're not feeding you enough bear meat!