Thursday, April 1, 2010

Red Lodge Part 8: Snow Falling on Soda

We got a bit of snow last night. The roads were slick this morning on the way to the studio.
12 inches are expected in the next couple of days!
A view from the apartment last night around 10:30.

View of the inside of the soda kiln.
Donn putting our first charge in the firebox. Using the Gail Nichols mix:
50 whiting
20 Soda Ash
30 Baking soda
I had trouble getting the mix to set.

A view of the burners blowing back. Too much gas? Not enough air? Seems like the flame was just bouncing off the bagwall?

We had a nice even firing, and naturally, we can't wait to see the results! You'll get to see them too, if you check back later this weekend!
We missed growler night tonight at Sams! Cheers!

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