Thursday, April 8, 2010

Red Lodge 13 : PUSH!

I haven't really advertised my work much here on the blog so I thought I would just,
well, you know...tell you to,
The above pitcher is about 12" tall and is ready for shipping...$90 includes shipping and handling. It was wood and salt fired at Brush Valley this past fall.

Just a little Mountain blue laundry...

Carbonis trapitis...

Thought I would just drop a quick note to say we are happy and healthy and moving things along for the wood firing. We finish with wet clay tomorrow(no more throwing), and begin drying, bisquing and glazing over the weekend. It was a productive day! (thank you bollywood and eva!)
We didn't miss $6 growler night tonight. Pace!

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Kala said...

That pitcher and those jeans know each looks like the hanging jeans left an impression in the pitcher's surface!